New Arrival CUBE Aroma Diffuser

              1. Diffuser: Add a drop of your favorite essential oil, it can help remove bad odors, bring a fresh scent.
              2. Humidifier: Use it without oils to adds moisture to your air to eliminate dryness.
              3. Illumination: Warm Light.
              4. Desktop Decoration: Simple modern design to fit with any decor.
              1. Mist Flow - Nanoscale water drops with essential oil fill up your room, purify the air and make your breath better.
              2. Ultrasonic Quiet - Our diffuser with quiet ultrasonic qualities, allows you to have a peaceful aromatic experience every time.
              3. Safety & Warranty - Our diffuser are with safety approval, such as CE, FCC, RoHS etc.
              4. Great Gift - Portable for places like yoga room, gym room, office, baby room or bedroom.

aroma diffuser

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