Power adapter of aroma diffuser is broken how do?


As in the work of a power adapter, conscience, customers have the right to know that an adapter; if the customer wants to buy a crown Dickson power adapter technology companies, such as a power adapter is not properly powered, first press Buju following actions:

First, if a power outage? Cause the power adapter of aroma diffuser does not work.

Second, check whether the power adapter is bad, if properly installed fittings and so on.

Third, the load (connected to the connected products) Are there bad? If the conditions can change an adapter to try other good if the same is not working properly. If you can not work or boot normally, indicating that the device itself.

Fourth, if the adapter has a light, if there are bright lights? Adapters have burned it, will hear "A pair of" sound bombing sound, there may be overloaded, causing the fuse burned.

Fifth, as identified through the above process is the power adapter is broken, if the customer determine crown Tak Shun Technology sell power adapter, during the warranty period, you can always send me the company to repair it. We will return repaired in the shortest time guests.

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